EXCELTH Health Magazine is a full size, full colour, high quality health publication that covers a variety of topics including Health Maintenance, Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, Physical Fitness, Stress Management, Nutrition, Food, Recipes and articles dealing with life issues such as Home, Family and Relationships that encourage people to be happy and healthy. We have carefully selected the company products and indeed the companies that will debut with our first production.

We believe that EXCELTH Health Magazine will outperform even current most optimistic expectations. To compensate you and your products for this faith in us, we are prepared to discount our advert rates by 50% for this first month, by 75% for the next 3 months and by an across board 50% for the whole year of 12 productions from the first month should you desire a one year advert space.

We desire that you please enlist your interest in our advert page(s) by calling: (+234) 805 300 3030 (+234) 816 111 3888 or by email to info@excelthmagazine.com having in mind the discount we promised you.

Be rest assured we will always do our best to ensure that you receive maximum exposure and maximum value. Our re-read rate is expectedly very high and your adverts will accompany our online copies perpetually!  



As a Health Magazine, we will not accept adverts on products that degrade or endanger health. Cigarettes, tobacco products, alcoholics, health remedies with claims that have not been properly peer reviewed or health products with doubtful scientific claims or that cannot be reproducibly investigated by normal, usual scientific research procedures, and all scientific inexactitudes are prohibited from our advert pages.